My name is Winlu, currently living in Vienna, Austria. Studying Computer Science at TU Vienna and working for the SESAR Project. I like Computers, Food, Motorbikes and Coffee!

Thank you for checking out my Blog!

Why heroicdebugging.biz?

Heroic Debugging is similar to Heroic Programming. It describes the struggles of uncoordinated coding/testing/debugging without a structured procedure (for example test-driven development) to help. I first came across this term when talking about ‘diminishing returns of Heroic Debugging’ in a development process, which start high but get worse over time and complexity. The sentence stuck with me.

Answering why .biz is easier, because it was dirt cheap.

What content will be on this blog?

I do like programming (everything from c to erlang) so this will be most of the content on here, but I plan to also put up some content about my other hobbies: motorbikes, computer games and music!


You can can contact me either via the social links in the sidebar or use one of these options:

Protocol Contact Information
jabber/xmpp winlu@barely.sexy
email derwinlu@gmail.com
IRC - freenode winlu



Period Occupation
2010-now TU Vienna, Computer Science
2004-2009 HTBLVA Innsbruck, industrial engineering


Period Occupation
2017-now Solutions Architect, Austro Control
2011-2017 Service Architect, SESAR, Austro Control, Meteoserve GmbH
2009-2010 Civilian Service, Johanniter Innsbruck
till 2009 Various Practicas (Plansee Group, Deckel Maho,…)