Dealing with Eclipse

Egit unable to store Password

Sometimes Eclipse fails to store your EGit/SVN passwords in secure storage, so you have to enter them again and again. Workaround for this is to go into Git-View, open up your remotes, right click the one you want to save the password for and select Configure Push. Eclipse - Configure Git

Hit Change... next to the URI. Eclipse - Configure Push

Here you can set the username and password you want to use and tick Store in Secure Storage Eclipse - Change URI

Now Eclipse should remember it.


You might also need to remove an associated ssh authentification from your repository via rightclick on the repository in Git-View, then select Properties, look for remote and remove the key file.

Eclipse throwing build errors/not finding Classes when using Frameworks (spring, play, …)

If you use Git and/or Frameworks Eclipse sometimes failes to rebuild/find all classes. A quick Project -> Clean... -> Clean all Projects often helps.