Is this thing still on?

Wow what a blast to look over the content of this page. But the reality is, nearly everything is outdated - both content and technology wise.

I was motivated to dust of the current state of things due to a tweet of mine asking for interest in a writeup about porting an old php app to serverless.

Before adding this content I really want to cleanup the blog itself and make it reflect what i learned over the last years.

I did some initial fixups by getting it to render again with an up2date version of pelican, but there is much more to do:

  • plugins
    • update ci/cd pipelines
    • build with current pelican, drop py2 support
    • plugins (pip) installable (as this is the new pelican default)
  • theme
    • Cleanup or even replace the theme as it’s based on an old bootstrap version, no stripped css, slow and a bit clunky
    • integrations like shares do not work reliable anymore
    • i want something slim that is not depending on third party staying the same

Let’s see how long it will take me, preferably less then 3 years this time.