likethewind - a tiny pelican theme powered by tailwindcss

You are looking at a new theme I am working on for pelican, build on top of tailwindcss.

Some Code

While I don’t think it looks visually stunning (yet, fingers crossed) it does a few things in the background already that I quite like:

  • It builds a tiny css file to include, thanks to tailwind + postcss purging
  • Webpack is configured to include static assets and bundle them as well
  • It scores a superb ranking on Google page speed

So tiny

Not quite there yet on hitting the public switch on the repo though, but I plan to open source it eventually.

I quite like the idea of ‘compiling’ down the css so I am currently thinking that maybe this can be taken even further. For example for the navbar I would like to toggle visibility of dropdown menus, especially on mobile. In my last theme pelican-twitchy I used to include JQuery for that usecase, but even minimized it’s quite large and writing from scratch feels a bit ghetto. So now I am looking into also including svelte. Never used it before, but maybe exactly the right tool to extend a Static Site Generator like pelican with some responsive JavaScript.